The 2011 Drawing Day book is now available

drawing day bookDrawing Day is all about giving artists the exposure they deserve. Whether you are a seasoned illustrator, an amateur hobbiest or a teen that just loves drawing, we want to share your Drawing Day story with with world. 2011 is the first year we published an official Drawing Day book as a way to document Drawing Day and all the amazing art this event generates.
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Where to purchase the book:

We offer two options for purchasing the book...
1) Buy on CreateSpace and save 15% (limited time offer - order now using discount code: BY22DP4F during checkout)
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Artists just like you are in the book

A collection of artwork submitted to the Drawing Day website was chosen to be published in a full-color book that showcases highlights from the day. The book showcases artwork ranging from high-quality masterpieces to simple and inspirational drawings from kids. The book is a visual and artistic story that documents Drawing Day and illustrates the imagination of the world on this day.
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Details about the book

The book is 246 pages printed in full color. This visual story is a gallery of over 700 of the most inspirational drawings by more than 500 artists who participated in the event. Spread throughout are touching stories that illustrate how this event brings people together through the passion of drawing. Included are artist profiles and memorable quotes to inspire us all to draw.

Questions & Answers

Q. How did you choose which drawing appear in the book?
A. To qualify for being considered to have a drawing in the book, artists were required to grant us rights and permission to include their drawing in our book. This required accepting our terms and conditions, logging in via Facebook, and accepting our copyright and rights agreement to ensure artists work was orignal and artists had full copyright ownership. We then chose drawings that met this requirement based on the simple criteria of drawings that were inspirational.

Q. I participated in Drawing Day 2011, did my drawing get in the book?
A. Over 500 artists are included so there is a high chance your drawings were included if you submitted your drawings correctly and created something inspirational. A full list of artists who have at least one drawing in the book is listed here

Q. Why was my drawing not chosen?
A. Some reasons why drawings were not chosen include: publishing permission was not granted to us correctly, the drawing was not marked as being original, the quality or resolution was not high enough for printing, drawings resembled images we suspected were copyright protected, dates shown on drawings suggested they were not created for Drawing Day.

Q. What happens with money raised from the book?
A. Proceeds from the Drawing Day book are used to continue to promote Drawing Day for future years.