A special thank you

Drawing Day is run by a small but passionate group of individuals who are passionate about illustration and art. The concept of Drawing Day was the brainstorm of a few individuals who knew there had to be some way to take advantage of the booming online social networking communities to promote online art.

In no particular order, special thanks goes to

Mick Gow - for his vision, time and passion in bringing this project to life.

Cedryll Grolez - for his time and dedication to help create the Drawing Day promotional video.

Nick Franklin, Amateurillustrator.com - for his contributions and efforts in promoting Drawing Day.

Penelope Dullaghan, illustrationfriday.com - for being supportive of drawing for drawing's sake, and of course, of our cause.

Various others have helped with feedback and invaluble suggestions and if we haven't mentioned your name - you know we still love you.