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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Drawing Day 2008 - a success and an inspiration

2008 was the first year of our Drawing Day initiative and considering we had only 5 weeks from the launch of our website until the actual event - the results were very inspiring. Google returns over 180,000 results from the phrase "drawing day 08" - most of these from bloggers supporting the event. From the response and constant emails we received, we know that Drawing Day is something the art world really needs and loves. 1 million drawings in a day was a huge goal and we were far from being close, but there is no way we're going to stop striving for this magic number in the years ahead. Like any event in it's first year, we can only improve and it makes us more determined.

View a gallery of results from our 2008 Drawing Day event

The countdown to 2009 begins
. The good news is, next year we'll be off to a flying start and rather than having 5 weeks to prepare for the event - we have 12 months! Whatever you do, don't forget about Drawing Day - we will reach our goal and we still need your support. We will be updating our website with many new features getting prepared for the next event and we have plenty of awesome ideas (some suggestions sent to us from you). We always welcome more suggestions so keep sending them to us!